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August 30, 2013

by Jessica


My name is Jessica Lucke and I’m your Success Coach.  I talk to customers daily.  Everyone is excited about getting started with implementing their Altos content into their websites and/or even their blogs.  Trouble is, when they go to get started, often times they are overwhelmed by the possibilities or, worse, not aware of the different things that are possible.  This can lead to a stall in development.   By setting up a personal coaching session with me, I’ll help you develop a strategy and help provide a step by step process so that you can effectively deliver awesome market statistics that is appropriate for your business need.  We will walk through client examples, take a look at your subscriptions and determine which of the tools are best suited for you!  This is the most effective way to get the most out of your account with us!  Once we develop a strategy, if you are working with a web developer, we’ll set up a 3-way call to make sure the communication is clear.  The session will most likely be between 3o minutes to an hour, but I promise we’ll have a little fun – too!  Contact me today to set up your personalized session!

Jessica Lucke
Altos Success Coach
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