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May 16, 2011

by jon


We love to hear success stories from our customers. It feels nice to know we’re making a difference in their lives.

A customer contacted us last week and needed some tips on using her Altos Market Reports. We’ll call her Mary Realtor. Mary wasn’t getting much feedback from her clients about the Market Reports she was sending, so we gave her some tips.

The first step was to load more contacts into Mary’s account and schedule them to automatically receive regular updates. She added 600 new contacts and scheduled them all to receive reports from her. She pushed “send” and the first round of reports were sent.

You can have an unlimited (yes, really) number of contacts in your Altos Research account receiving Market Reports at the frequency you choose. We have found the Market Reports to be effective even if you’re sending them to people outside of your immediate area. For example, an agent who lived and worked in downtown Chicago was sending Market Reports to his parents who live a few hours away. His parents weren’t shopping for real estate in Chicago BUT they knew people who were. All the agent was trying to do was teach his parents to contact him whenever they have real estate related questions (read: referrals). The automatic report emails were a perfect, low-maintenance solution.

The second step for Mary was to activate the new Altos Alert feature. Altos Alert sends a text message to Mary every time one of her contacts opens a Market Report. This gives Mary an advantage because she can call her customers and prospects when they’re looking at the Market Reports and thinking about real estate, instead of hours or days later.

Within half an hour of sending the reports to the 600 new contacts, she was receiving dozens of text messages when people opened the reports. While it was a little surprising to receive so many text messages all at once, she now had a list of all the people in her life who are interested in the Market Reports. That became her call list and her conversion from those calls will certainly translate into untold riches.

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