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January 2, 2011

by Jessica


Good Example

AltosConnect is an awesome lead capture tool.  Offer your reports to new prospects using the AltosConnect form.  We provide all the code necessary so you can easily add it to your website or blog.  However, getting the code is just one step.  It’s important that you have the right strategy.  The “Stay Informed” image is a great call to action!  The form is accessed by clicking on “Subscribe Today” which brings up the form in a pop-up. It’s clear and draws your attention.  Stay away from using the term “Get Free Market Reports”.  Without understanding what a Market Report is, it can be intimidating which translates to no leads.  You know that the Altos Executive Summary is anything BUT intimidating so make sure to provide a sample report so that your prospects can see what they receive before signing up.  Our personal information is valuable and not something we want to just give away.  Prospects are more likely to sign up for something when they know what they will be getting!

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