Creating a “How’s the Market?” space on your website

January 21, 2011

by Jessica


What is the inventory available to me? What is my home worth? How’s the market?  These are the top 3 questions visitors ask when navigating a real estate website.  It’s important that your homepage provides a way for your visitors to get an answer to these questions.  The best way to do this is to create clear avenues to the data they want.  What is more visually appealing to you, text link or image?  Image of course.  Consider adding an image, like you see here, that acts as a button directing them to an answer.  The quicker you can direct them to the answer they seek, the longer they stay on your site!

Altos is here to help with the question, “How’s the market?”.  Create a Market Trends page with Charts and a lead capture tool so that your prospects can obtain a free Market Report!  This way they can continually monitor what’s happening and get an answer to that question week after week.  Questions on how to implement?  Feel free to contact me,

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