Increase Quality Conversations at Your Open Houses

April 1, 2011

by Jessica


Do you have an Open House coming up?  Every visitor is a potential new client.  How can you increase the quality of your conversations and prove your expertise?  Share your market information!  The Executive Summary reports are a great way to initiate conversations with those interested in viewing the home.  Next time you have an open house coming up, print out a really nice color copy of the appropriate Executive Summary and put it into a page protector.  Share that with each person who comes in.  Chances are someone will want a copy of that report.  Instead of providing them a physical copy say, “Absolutely, let me get your first, last and email address and I’ll have this report in your inbox before leaving here today!”  By following these steps and using Altos you’ll have a new prospect participating in your Drip Email Campaign.  Want more information?  Contact your Success Coach @

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