A client reached out while creating some comparison charts in hopes to talk about the differences in the market this year verses last.  He knew the market was better but questioned the strength.  Together we looked at the price per square foot today verses this same time last year for Lakewood, CO 80228.  As you’ll find by looking at the chart below, there was a pretty good increase:

PriceSQft Comparison 80228

A couple of weeks later this same client came back regarding that same area after looking at the median list price this year verses last.  As the chart indicates below, the median price this year is the same if not lower than last year.  He wondered why the market appears to be falling if the price per square foot is far greater than it was last year?

MedianPrice Comparison 80228

This is where AltosXplorer shines!  With AltosXplorer you have the ability to access data outside the box, which in turn allows you to figure out what’s really going on in a particular market.  With 80228, it was unique.  My first thought was to look at YOY Price, determining the percentage of change this year over last.

YOY Price 80228

This chart didn’t help us understand anything more than the median price chart with a 1% change.  We needed to look some place else.  Since the change in price per square foot was so different we chose to look at the median square footage of homes this year verses last year.

sq footage 80228

Here’s the answer: Notice that the homes listed this time last year were significantly larger than this year, 3,600 sf verses 2,800 sf.  So, although the median price may be down or even neck and neck, what you get for that price is smaller.  So the market isn’t softening, the prices have gone up.  It’s just that the inventory available has smaller square footage.  This example demonstrates why looking at just one statistic doesn’t cut it.  Imagine having this type of information for your seller or for your buyer. Using AltosXplorer you can go outside the box and really show your expertise.

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Your Success is Important!

I hope all is well with you as we move into the Fall Season!  Whether you are new to Altos Research or you’ve been with us for some time, it’s important to me that you feel you are getting the most out of your account with us.  I’ve created Altos University as way for you [...]

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Sharing Market Data on Facebook!

I get calls all the time regarding sharing the Executive Summary reports on Facebook using our Facebook application.  Our Facebook application allows you to drop a chart as a status update to your personal or business pages.  This tool will show a thumbnail size chart and whatever verbiage you’ve added as a status to your [...]

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Personalize Your Email Template with Variables ($)

You probably know that you can personalize your email template, the template used to send reports to your clients and/or prospects.  You also may be aware that the $ (dollar signs) you see within your template are variables that call the contact details prior to send.  This allows the communication to become more personalized for [...]

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Have you discovered AltosXplorer yet? If not, you’re missing out!

AltosXplorer allows you to create an endless amount of charts and takes you beyond what AltosCharts has to offer.  Would you like to compare 4 different areas in one chart?  What about have 2 statistics on one chart by using both the right and left axis?  AltosXplorer allows you to do this and more.  Think [...]

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Set up a Coaching Session TODAY and get the most out of your account!

My name is Jessica Lucke and I’m your Success Coach.  I talk to customers daily.  Everyone is excited about getting started with implementing their Altos content into their websites and/or even their blogs.  Trouble is, when they go to get started, often times they are overwhelmed by the possibilities or, worse, not aware of the [...]

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Increase Quality Conversations at Your Open Houses

Do you have an Open House coming up?  Every visitor is a potential new client.  How can you increase the quality of your conversations and prove your expertise?  Share your market information!  The Executive Summary reports are a great way to initiate conversations with those interested in viewing the home.  Next time you have an [...]

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Creating a “How’s the Market?” space on your website

What is the inventory available to me? What is my home worth? How’s the market?  These are the top 3 questions visitors ask when navigating a real estate website.  It’s important that your homepage provides a way for your visitors to get an answer to these questions.  The best way to do this is to [...]

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NEW! Altos On-Demand Coaching Series

Are you new to Altos Research?  Maybe you’ve been around a while but really haven’t taken advantage of Altos to the fullest.  Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start, after all, there is so much you can do with your Altos account.  The good news is you’ve come to the right place.  We want [...]

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Stories from the field…

We love to hear success stories from our customers. It feels nice to know we’re making a difference in their lives. A customer contacted us last week and needed some tips on using her Altos Market Reports. We’ll call her Mary Realtor. Mary wasn’t getting much feedback from her clients about the Market Reports she [...]

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Altos Alert Provides Instant Texting Notifications

We’re thrilled to announce Altos Alert, a new feature available for all Altos Research subscribers.  It’s *free* to all Altos subscribers, of course (you know…because we’re cool like Fonzie). It’s a text messaging feature that alerts you on your mobile device whenever one of your contacts opens a Market Report.  It’s an instant notification and [...]

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